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Next Door Raw is one of the porn memberships that I find myself always being drawn back to. This time, I decided to save some money and sign up for a year-long subscription because I already know I will get a lot of use out of it. I can’t figure out why it has taken me this long to commit.

Last night, I found my newest crush on the site, Derek Wulf. The thing with Derek is, you can tell that outside of gay porn, he is just some average guy. In fact, I see a couple of him just about any time I go to Walmart. They aren’t as nicely groomed or posing in the great studio lighting, nor do they have their 7″ cut cock out for all the world to see, but they are totally a Derek. They are usually there with a wife and maybe a kid or two, but the secret gay vibes are definitely there.

Derek tries looking buff in his pics, and the site does list his body type as muscular, but really, he is just a tiny bit chubby, and that is okay. If he weren’t standing up so straight and trying to puff himself out, he could just embrace the dad bod. While he is fucking, you catch glimpses of the reality of his body, and honestly, that excites me even more.

Get up to 71% off with this discount to Next Door Raw and see if you agree with my take on Derek Wulf.

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When I came across this Next Door Raw discount for 71% off, it was all the motivation I needed to join. I had read some promising remarks on the site, but hadn’t been over to check it out yet. It wasn’t quite what I expected. It was actually better.

The name of the site conjured images of a bunch of rough and gritty guys in blowbangs and power orgies. I was totally up for that. Instead, what I found was a large collection of quality bareback porn that ran the gamut from sensual and intimate to aggressive and punishing.

Instead of aiming to get as dirty as possible to earn a reputation based on shock value, Next Door Raw aims higher, and they succeed because of it. The guys here are hot and varied. The camera work is top-notch, and the site is easy to navigate. The site looks great and performs flawlessly – just like the men inside of it.

As part of a network pass, membership will give you access to 17 sites with more than 3,500 videos between them.

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