Posted By Admin on 05/02/18

Confidence is something that everyone I have ever met appreciates and admires. Sometimes photos can be cruel and catch us at an awkward instance and sometimes we just look like outright clowns when perhaps we don’t mean to.

I can’t help laughing at this pic. I’m not sure if this guy’s deliberately trying to be funny, he has such a naughty expression on his face, or if it was accidental but it is amusing either way and brightened my day.

On a more serious note though I want to tell you about the 76% off discount we’ve been able to secure on your behalf.

First up the regular price of a 1-month membership has been cut significantly and you save $22 on the spot.

We managed to get the yearly subscriptions reduced greatly as well, down to only $7.45 per month allowing you to play it long and milk the opportunity.

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