Posted By Karlie on 01/14/19

Nowadays good jobs are hard to come by. The people behind this site knew that and decided to have a little fun with it. Right now viewers can save a whopping 67% on Fuck You Cracker and see just what they’ve been missing. You won’t find hardcore interracial gay porn like this anywhere else.

So at this site, white guys come in for a job interview. After quickly getting through the pleasantries the big black man in charge decides he wants to see some dick. He orders the guys to stip down and shows him what they’re working with. It doesn’t matter if they’re straight, gay or bi, the man in charge always gets his way. After seeing what they have between their legs, the action heats up. Viewers can expect to see messy blowjobs that leave some of the inexperienced guys (probably the straight ones) gagging, and deep hardcore bareback thrusting. These assholes get banged up pretty good, so hopefully, they land the job. I would hate to think they went through all that for nothing.

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