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Don’t you just love a good gay porn deal? I watch so much of it that discounts are very important. You see, I refuse to watch the shitty free stuff. I only jerk off to premium cum-sucking goodness. And that’s definitely what I find when I’m dealing with Pride Studios.

So let’s do some quick math. Which is better, one porn site or seven? Seven, of course. and that’s what you’ll get when you sign up for this Pride Studios deal, including Boyz Party, Circle Jerk Boys, Men Over 30, High Performance Men, Cock Virgins, Dylan Lucan, and Extra Big Dicks. Go ahead and click here to save 76% now with a Pride Studios discount.

Whether your thing is first-time amateurs, cute twinks, older studs, powerful cum shots, jocks, or monster cocks, you’ll find it here. With over 2,500 videos and over 3,600 photo galleries, you’re sure to have a sore wrist from all the jerking off you’ll be doing soon. So stop lollygagging and start watching some guys gagging on each other’s fuck sticks.

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Posted By Admin on 04/19/19

Summers were breaks from school and an opportunity to sleep in and watch lots of TV when I was a kid.  When I was 9, I got my own bike and would ride all over the neighborhood, visiting the houses of all of my friends. By my teens, it was an opportunity to smoke weed with friends in the treehouse while my parents were at work. I was never sent to summer camp, and I wasn’t part of any scout groups or anything. I never gave much thought to it back then. Now that I am older though, and have seen plenty of movies and porn showing camp as being a wild place full of sexual shenanigans, I kind of wish I would have gone.

I know reality is a lot different than fantasy, but sites like Cocky Boys make it look so damn good. Their series, Camp Cocky Boys, is the adult version. They have gathered numerous gay models together at their country location. They swim, canoe, hike, gather around the campfire, and bone each other deep in the ass.

Use this 58% off discount link to Cocky Boys and indulge in the kinky summer camp dreams.

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Next Door Raw is one of the porn memberships that I find myself always being drawn back to. This time, I decided to save some money and sign up for a year-long subscription because I already know I will get a lot of use out of it. I can’t figure out why it has taken me this long to commit.

Last night, I found my newest crush on the site, Derek Wulf. The thing with Derek is, you can tell that outside of gay porn, he is just some average guy. In fact, I see a couple of him just about any time I go to Walmart. They aren’t as nicely groomed or posing in the great studio lighting, nor do they have their 7″ cut cock out for all the world to see, but they are totally a Derek. They are usually there with a wife and maybe a kid or two, but the secret gay vibes are definitely there.

Derek tries looking buff in his pics, and the site does list his body type as muscular, but really, he is just a tiny bit chubby, and that is okay. If he weren’t standing up so straight and trying to puff himself out, he could just embrace the dad bod. While he is fucking, you catch glimpses of the reality of his body, and honestly, that excites me even more.

Get up to 71% off with this discount to Next Door Raw and see if you agree with my take on Derek Wulf.

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I’m not as innocent as most men would think. I get the feeling that when men look at me all they see is this cute guy that likes to talk online with live cam guys. I am so much more than that and I believe it’s about time that they saw it.

I’m going to show a few of these toyboys why I am the way that I am. I might lead them on but as long as they’re nice to me I’ll always do my best to make sure they get all the loving that they need. I feel like I could tease them until they burst. I would love to lick their lollipops while they stare back at me in awe.

There are so many naughty things that you can do when you’re as horny as I am. I know what it takes to make the moment count and it’s about time that I hit the homerun that my cock has been begging for. I’ll see how well these studs are able to keep up and then I’ll decide who gets to be live on cam with me. Giving them a little incentive is what makes them come back to beg for more!

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There are few things in life that are sweeter than the taste of a throbbing hard cock in your mouth. That’s why I watch all the best gay pornstars on all the best sites. Not all of us can be so lucky to date a dreamy beefcake like those professional fuck boys, but that’s why porn exists.

When I want to cum the hardest, I always pull up Falcon Studios and jerk the night away. What sets Falcon Studios apart from the competition? They have the sexiest athletic gay studs with the meatiest cocks I’ve ever seen, almost 2,000 models so far. They currently have over 2,600 videos with multiple weekly updates. I’ll never run out of Anal Sex, Group Sex, Double Anal Penetration, pre-condom, Uniforms, outdoor sex, leather, Western, and the Bodybuilder sex scenes. It’s like I’ve died and gone to gay porn heaven!

If you want in on this hot stuff, go ahead and take this 67% off discount to Falcon Studios to get started. You won’t regret it for a second.


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I love watching gay porn as much as the next guy, but I have certain standards that I never compromise about. I need the good stuff. What is the good stuff you ask? I want the manliest men with sculpted bodies who love to fuck hard. I’m personally just not into the tiny pipsqueaks. I want a man who could chop down some trees, build me a cabin, and then fuck me in it.

I’m one lucky “son-of-a-butch” because I just found this discount to Raging Stallions. In case you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that Raging Stallions only deals with the best tough guys who love to hardcore fuck. They have professional dick-takers like Theo Ford and Johnny V showing off their monster cocks so you know you’ll be drooling over every scene. By the way, there are over 1600 scenes available on this site so you’ll be quite busy.

Just click here and use this Raging Stallion discount for 74% off now before this deal disappears. You’re welcome.

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Posted By Karlie on 01/14/19

Nowadays good jobs are hard to come by. The people behind this site knew that and decided to have a little fun with it. Right now viewers can save a whopping 67% on Fuck You Cracker and see just what they’ve been missing. You won’t find hardcore interracial gay porn like this anywhere else.

So at this site, white guys come in for a job interview. After quickly getting through the pleasantries the big black man in charge decides he wants to see some dick. He orders the guys to stip down and shows him what they’re working with. It doesn’t matter if they’re straight, gay or bi, the man in charge always gets his way. After seeing what they have between their legs, the action heats up. Viewers can expect to see messy blowjobs that leave some of the inexperienced guys (probably the straight ones) gagging, and deep hardcore bareback thrusting. These assholes get banged up pretty good, so hopefully, they land the job. I would hate to think they went through all that for nothing.

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Posted By Admin on 12/29/18

Of course I watch gay porn for the action, but I must admit, sometimes I want a bit more. Scripted scenes with plots and storylines aren’t for everybody, and quite honestly, a lot of porn actors can’t carry dialogue. Yet when a site manages to cast the right performers and provide the right script, with professionals also working behind the camera, it’s a really great thing. succeeds at all of that. Perhaps most impressive, is just how creative they get with their stories and effects.

One of the most popular videos inside of the site right now stars JJ Knight and Johnny Rapid. JJ gets an unexpected box delivered to his doorstep. He opens it up to find a Johnny Rapid action figure. The high definition here really allows you to appreciate the details. JJ leaves the toy on the counter, but returns when he hears a voice. Not only is the toy talking, but it is also now naked.

Soon, the magic figure comes to life and is human size with a big hard dick just throbbing for release.

Snag this discount to get 50% off now to watch all of the fun, original gay porn scenes that you can handle.

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Posted By Karlie on 12/01/18

College was a crazy time in my life. I know a lot of people say that and well, it’s probably true for everyone. It’s your first time out in the real world without parental supervision and you’re sharing the experience with guys and girls from all different walks of life. Everyone is different, but have enough in common to make shared experiences. So it’s different for everyone, but kind of the same. If that makes any sense.

Right now you can take advantage of this Reality Dudes 40% off lifetime discount and see what I’m talking about. I’m a straight man, but when I was in college I did a lot of gay ass shit. I wanted to experiment and live life to the fullest and I did exactly that. I had dudes suck my cock and I buried my dick balls deep in several assholes while I gave them reach arounds. This site captivates the freedom of that sexual exploration and it’s seductiveness. I look back fondly on those memories often while I’m stroking my cock or buried deep in my wife’s pussy.

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Gay porn is some of the best porn out there, but you don’t need convincing of that. But sometimes it’s so hot that it could turn straight guys into cocksuckers. Don’t believe us? Invite your straightest friends over and pull up Things could get interesting.

If you’ve been watching gay porn for a while I’m sure you’ve heard of They’ve been a leader in quality gay porn since the mid-nineties. And as you can imagine, they have accumulated a large collection of content totally almost 3,000 videos. And signing up gives you access to all of them! That’s a lot of hot cock to lust over. You’ll even have thousands of professional photo sets. You might just want to print them out for target practice if you know what we mean.

To keep things interesting they keep weekly video updates cumming. No one wants to stroke off to the same old thing. Go ahead and take advantage of this Bad Puppy discount for 80% off now. You won’t regret it.

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