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Of course I watch gay porn for the action, but I must admit, sometimes I want a bit more. Scripted scenes with plots and storylines aren’t for everybody, and quite honestly, a lot of porn actors can’t carry dialogue. Yet when a site manages to cast the right performers and provide the right script, with professionals also working behind the camera, it’s a really great thing. succeeds at all of that. Perhaps most impressive, is just how creative they get with their stories and effects.

One of the most popular videos inside of the site right now stars JJ Knight and Johnny Rapid. JJ gets an unexpected box delivered to his doorstep. He opens it up to find a Johnny Rapid action figure. The high definition here really allows you to appreciate the details. JJ leaves the toy on the counter, but returns when he hears a voice. Not only is the toy talking, but it is also now naked.

Soon, the magic figure comes to life and is human size with a big hard dick just throbbing for release.

Snag this discount to get 50% off now to watch all of the fun, original gay porn scenes that you can handle.

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College was a crazy time in my life. I know a lot of people say that and well, it’s probably true for everyone. It’s your first time out in the real world without parental supervision and you’re sharing the experience with guys and girls from all different walks of life. Everyone is different, but have enough in common to make shared experiences. So it’s different for everyone, but kind of the same. If that makes any sense.

Right now you can take advantage of this Reality Dudes 40% off lifetime discount and see what I’m talking about. I’m a straight man, but when I was in college I did a lot of gay ass shit. I wanted to experiment and live life to the fullest and I did exactly that. I had dudes suck my cock and I buried my dick balls deep in several assholes while I gave them reach arounds. This site captivates the freedom of that sexual exploration and it’s seductiveness. I look back fondly on those memories often while I’m stroking my cock or buried deep in my wife’s pussy.

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Gay porn is some of the best porn out there, but you don’t need convincing of that. But sometimes it’s so hot that it could turn straight guys into cocksuckers. Don’t believe us? Invite your straightest friends over and pull up Things could get interesting.

If you’ve been watching gay porn for a while I’m sure you’ve heard of They’ve been a leader in quality gay porn since the mid-nineties. And as you can imagine, they have accumulated a large collection of content totally almost 3,000 videos. And signing up gives you access to all of them! That’s a lot of hot cock to lust over. You’ll even have thousands of professional photo sets. You might just want to print them out for target practice if you know what we mean.

To keep things interesting they keep weekly video updates cumming. No one wants to stroke off to the same old thing. Go ahead and take advantage of this Bad Puppy discount for 80% off now. You won’t regret it.

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Posted By Admin on 10/24/18 isn’t just some single site pass. Instead, it’s a mega site, bringing together a large network of top notch gay porn sites all in one place. Members get to access all of it for one low price. It’s a great option for those looking to sign up somewhere that can serve as a one stop shop for all of their gay porn needs.

Pictured in this post are John Magnum, Scott DeMarco, and Jack Andy. They are just a few of the more than 2,400 models that await you inside. It’s a diverse selection of studs ranging from twinks to bears and everything in between.

With more than 4,500 videos to explore, this is a place that will keep you busy for the long term. As you might expect, there is an abundance of ass play and big loads. iewers will get to watch lots of bareback action, as well as some scenes with condoms. You will see interracial, threesomes, group sex, jerking off, cock virgins, older on younger, and so much more.

Sign up and get $20 off Pride Studios here.

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This site has the absolute hottest gay men in the industry. There’s soft, gentle, tender men and then there’s also butch, hairy, macho guys too. All these men are chiselled to perfection and ready for action.

I’m going to warn you though, some of these scenes are pretty intense. Sex masters in leather slamming into tight asses inflicting the most glorious of pain. You can tell the guys on the receiving end of these thrusts absolutely love the pleasure but clearly have to work through the pain first. Their assholes desperately trying to stretch enough to take every inch given to them.

Guys trying greedily to swallow as much cum as they can get their mouths on. Sucking every drop of jizz like it’ll be their last meal.

Right now you can get $15 off per month with a Titan Men discount and get all the hot action your cock can take. This is the only place you’ll need to go for all your gay porn no matter what intensity you’re looking for.

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When I came across this Next Door Raw discount for 71% off, it was all the motivation I needed to join. I had read some promising remarks on the site, but hadn’t been over to check it out yet. It wasn’t quite what I expected. It was actually better.

The name of the site conjured images of a bunch of rough and gritty guys in blowbangs and power orgies. I was totally up for that. Instead, what I found was a large collection of quality bareback porn that ran the gamut from sensual and intimate to aggressive and punishing.

Instead of aiming to get as dirty as possible to earn a reputation based on shock value, Next Door Raw aims higher, and they succeed because of it. The guys here are hot and varied. The camera work is top-notch, and the site is easy to navigate. The site looks great and performs flawlessly – just like the men inside of it.

As part of a network pass, membership will give you access to 17 sites with more than 3,500 videos between them.

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Spunk Worthy prides itself as the site to find amateur gay guys gettin’ off, and that is about all you need to know to know this site is definitely worth your time. I mean who doesn’t want to see hot and sexy hunks spilling their seed in numerous gay scenes to keep your toes curled and your cock hard?!

With hundreds of hot videos, there’s no shortage of explicit cum shots to get you off time and time again. Each scene is shot with two cameras so you won’t miss a single juicy drop! Try to resist licking your screen as the HD quality will make it all feel so real you won’t believe you’re not there in person.

You can now have at it with this deal to Spunk Worthy which will allow you to not only stream at high speed, but download every single video to appreciate these hot hunks forever. Even if you cancel your subscription!

There are even more discounted porn sites here so you can build your spank bank to exactly what fetishes your horny heart desires!

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Confidence is something that everyone I have ever met appreciates and admires. Sometimes photos can be cruel and catch us at an awkward instance and sometimes we just look like outright clowns when perhaps we don’t mean to.

I can’t help laughing at this pic. I’m not sure if this guy’s deliberately trying to be funny, he has such a naughty expression on his face, or if it was accidental but it is amusing either way and brightened my day.

On a more serious note though I want to tell you about the discount we’ve been able to secure on your behalf.

First up the regular price of a 1-month membership has been cut in half and you save $15.00 on the spot.

We managed to get the yearly subscriptions reduced by 73% down to only $8.33 per month allowing you to play it long and milk the opportunity.

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If you think that I like to be in control you’d be right. I’m the leader of the pack and there is nobody or anything for that matter that is going to change that, at least that’s what I thought. My world came crashing down so to speak the moment that I took this Alphamale Fuckers discount. It seemed that I was so alone any more, in fact there was many men with the same passion as me and fuck was I going to take advantage of it.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be a submissive man that takes all the punishment. This was going to be my chance to do just that and maybe get some action as well. I like the mixture of muscle bound bears and those submissive boys. The action scenes are exactly that, these guys and their hunky men don’t hold back in the slightest and nor should they.

Things to get a little extreme and maybe a little nasty at times, not that it ever spoils anything. I’m really impressed and yet a little sad that it has taken me this long to find a site that can do those things for me that others can’t. Be the alpha, make the moment count and bang the hell out of some tight assholes!

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Here’s where you can grab your Asian BF Videos discount. You’ll save $25 off your 30-day pass and gain access to nothing but real Asian amateur guys getting their hardcore gay-fuck on. These are user-submitted videos where the best of the best have been hand-selected to present to you under one hot porn site. Grabbing this deal will also land you completely free access to every other site within the network for no additional cost.

The 429 Videos Network offers up these hot gay sites: Amateur BF Videos, Bareback BF Videos, BDSM BF Videos, Bear BF Videos, Black BF Videos, Emo BF Videos, Hot BF Videos, Hung BF Videos, Latino BF Videos, Oral BFs, Public BF Videos, Recorded BFs, Ripped BF Video, SelfsHot BF Videos, Straight BF Videos, and Twink BF Videos. Again, nothing extra for you to pay here.

Updates are happening on a daily basis throughout this site as well as the entire network. Thousands of videos are already available for streaming and download to your personal porn stash. When you grab this deal, you’ll also gain free access to live webcams to make some new secret gay friends ready to get nasty with you. Have a look around for yourself and grab this hot deal today!

For even more hot deals, check out

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